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Job Vs Career

People often differentiate whether they are looking for a career position or a job, which can sometimes cause a little confusion. What is a job for someone may actually be a career for someone else. Deciding whether to look for a job or career position may not be an easy choice, especially if you are

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The dos and don’ts of job interview body language

Body language is one of those things we often forget during a job interview, despite efforts to make a positive impression. Any yet our body language can be even more revealing than our actual words, with better interviewers being versed in what our major and minor actions and reactions really mean; reading our gestures and

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Getting a Thai work visa

Working in Thailand offers great opportunities before foreigners. You can soak into the vibrant culture of this colorful Asian country while enjoying a rewarding career. IT jobs in Bangkok are highly sought after even by foreigners. Even a few years back, working in Thailand without a proper work permit was allowed. But things have changed

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